FIAP Salons 2010 – Summing It All Up

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FIAP Salons 2010 – Summing It All Up
Holly; FIAP Ribbon – Tallaght International Salon Of Photography; Ireland

There are basically 5 requirements for an AFIAP distinction, those being having attained a certain number of total acceptances (30); success in a certain number of salons (10); success in a certain number of countries (5) and finally having achieved acceptances with at least a certain number of different images (10). Prior to this year, I hadn’t really put any significant effort into submitting to FIAP salons, having only entered 6 salons in the past (back in 2008), so whilst my acceptance count was sufficient for an AFIAP, standing at 60 from 16 different images coming into this year, on the other requirements, I was pretty far off the mark. I had only submitted to 6 salons and in only 3 different countries ❗ There was a lot of work to be done…

A quick summary:

  • I entered 14 different salons this year, in 14 different countries and had acceptances in all of them.
  • Of the 14 countries I submitted to, 13 of them were “new” in that I had not previously entered into a salon in that country before. These included Ireland, Luxembourg, Australia, Malta, China, Argentina, South Africa, Macedonia, Denmark, Wales, Finland, Serbia & Slovenia.
  • In 2010, I won 10 medals, 2 FIAP ribbons & two FIAP Honorable Mentions. The medals include two FIAP Golds, two FIAP Silvers, 2 FIAP Bronze medals, a PSA Gold, two UPI Golds and a Salon Gold medal. These were awarded to 7 different images across 9 different salons/countries.
  • In 2010, I had a total of 82 acceptances, bringing my total now to 142.
  • In 2010 I gained acceptances from 29 previously un-submitted images (new works) bringing the total to 45 images from which I have gained acceptances.

Now the long bit…. (if you’re interested)

Starting in June this year, I began to submit to salons across the world with the primary intention of meeting the minimum requirements for the AFIAP distinction, but also with a close eye being kept on the EFIAP distinction, which is next award along from it. In total I submitted images to 14 different salons across 14 different countries, of which 13 were “new” countries to me, including Ireland, Luxembourg, Australia, Malta, China, Argentina, South Africa, Macedonia, Denmark, Wales, Finland, Serbia & Slovenia.

One of the most pleasing things about my submissions this year, was picking up a few medals at some of the salons. Back in 2008, I picked up two ribbons at two different salons, but I hadn’t won an actual medal prior to this year. In total, I received 10 medals, two ribbons and two honorable mentions, including 2 FIAP Gold medals, 2 FIAP Silver medals, 2 FIAP Bronze medals, a PSA Gold Medal, two UPI Gold Medals and a Golden Gold πŸ™‚ I know this is thinking ahead somewhat, but following on from the EFIAP distinction, the next level is called the EFIAP bronze. Currently there are only 2 photographers in Ireland that have been awarded this level of distinction πŸ™‚ But, in addition to the acceptance requirements, for this distinction a person must have received 3 awards, each for a different image and each in a different country 😯 So at that level, it’s no longer just about having work accepted, but more about picking up awards in the salons. With the awards this year, and including a previous award in 2008, I actually now have 15 awards across 8 images awarded in 10 different countries, so I already have that box ticked πŸ™‚

Red Kayt
FIAP Gold Medal: Tallaght International Salon Of Photography – Ireland
PSA Gold Medal; Fotogrupo – Argentina
FIAP Bronze Medal: Photomedia – Macedonia
UPI Gold Medal: Zajecar – Serbia
UPI Gold Medal: Exposed – Slovenia
FIAP Ribbon: Mondial – Luxembourg
Kayt In Monochrome
FIAP Gold Medal: Golden Digital – Denmark
FIAP Silver Medal: Trofeo San Sebastian – Spain
Ivory Flame: FIAP Silver Medal: Golden Digital – Denmark

FIAP Bronze Medal: Trofeo San Sebastian – Spain
FIAP Honorable Mention: Finland Digital Circuit – Finland

Reflection: Golden Gold Medal: Golden Digital – Denmark
Noreen: FIAP Honorable Mention: Exposed Slovenia

As I mentioned at the start of the blog, whilst I am yet to receive the AFIAP distinction, my submissions were always made with the EFIAP distinction in mind. The requirements for this are considerably more difficult than the AFIAP, most notably the requirement to have accrued 150 acceptances across 50 different images 😯 This really is no mean feat ❗ It is reasonably easy to pick up a large number of acceptances, with just a handful of strong images, particularly if someone entered a super-circuit. So the 150 acceptances is not the difficult part. But having them across 50 different images is ❗ This really requires the photographer to have a substantial body of work to choose their submissions from. So it was with this in mind, that I made a conscious effort to submit as many “new” images (i.e. images which haven’t previously been accepted in a salon). In total, I received acceptances/awards for 29 new images this year, which combined with 16 images submitted in 2008, brings my total to 45 – close to the required 50 mark.

The EFIAP also has a requirement for success in 30 salons, of which I am still 10 short. Country wise, the requirement is for 15 different countries, so having being accepted in 16, I’ve surpassed that requirement. My total acceptance count stands at 142. which is also short of the 150 required. So there’s still some more work to do πŸ™‚

Other Irish Success

In addition to my own success this year, it’s also very pleasing to see other Irish photographers and indeed Irish camera clubs compete successfully internationally. At the club level, most notably is the massive achievement of Dundalk Photographic Society winning the FIAP Clubs World Cup and my own club placing third.

Brian Hopper FIPF, ARPS, AFIAP: In the Bedroom – FIAP Gold Edinburgh
Gabriel O’Shaughnessy FIPF, FRPS, EFIAP/b: Orphans – FIAP Gold Tallaght

On an individual level, a special mention goes to John Hooton FIPF, FRPS from Mallow Camera Club, who was awarded the MFIAP distinction earlier this year. In addition, two Photographers from Dundalk Photographic Society: Gabriel O’ Shaughnessy FIPF, FRPS, EFIAP/b, & Brian Hopper FIPF, ARPS, AFIAP; seemed to pick up medals in pretty much every salon they entered. Certainly every time I got notification from a salon, one or both of them featured in the medals.

Wesley Law AIPF: Wreck Of The Sun Beam – FIAP Gold Spain

As did the work of Wesley Law AIPF from East Cork Camera Group who also achieved huge success in FIAP salons this year. I’m sure there are other photographers within Ireland that have done well in the salons who I have failed to mention, and this is in no way an intentional snub at them. It’s simply that the Brian, Gabriel and Wesley featured very heavily in the same salons that I entered, so they are most prominent in my mind.

Anyway, that was 2010.. a successful year by any standard. Let’s hope that 2011 brings more of the same πŸ™‚


  1. Complicated!!! Congratulations on the success. A lot of work and dedication. Thanks for the explanation about how the process works. I’ve had a few try to explain it to me.

  2. Thanks Paul.

    Yeah the process can certainly appear to be something of a mystery. I guess this stems from a few things. First and foremost, there are very few people in Ireland with FIAP distinctions and very few people actively working towards them. So there’s not a lot of people with actual experience of the process that can be asked for information.

    The rules and requirements have changed considerably over the years, so even those that have achieved their distinctions in the past, may not be too clued in on the current process.

    Thankfully FIAP have published a document, which makes it all very clear. There is a scanned copy on the IPF website (

  3. Hi Ciaran. I would like to congratulate you on this big
    success. And not just yours, but also of your camera club. It looks
    like you’re doing a wonderful job, so I really hope you continue to
    inspire us =) Best wishes from Slovenia. K

  4. Thanks Klemen πŸ™‚ I appreciate that… I’m surprised you didn’t link back to your salon? (

    Thanks again for the comment and the organisation of the salon. I look forward to entering again in 2011.


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