You’d Be Forgiven For Thinking

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You’d Be Forgiven For Thinking

Given the number of recent blog posts containing images of Raphaella, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m both her number #1 fan/stalker and also that she was the only model I worked with during my shoot in Portugal. But believe it or not, I also got to work with the wonderful Madame Bink as well and here are just some images of Bink from the first day of our shoot.

Given the same location and the complete lack of equipment, the setup for these shots was virtually identical to my shots with Raph (i.e. one model, one camera, one window), but what’s interesting (to me anyway) is the different mood and feel that Bink brings to the shots. Her different style of posing, her trademark LONG hair and attention to detail in her poses (toes and fingers), allowed me create very different images to the ones I created with Raph.




Bink is one of the models that I have worked with most over the years, having shot her now over 6 whole days 😯 This level of familiarity brings a degree of comfort and ease to a shoot, which can make the experience very comfortable and enjoyable, but perhaps it also brings a degree of complacency?

I’m pretty much in love with the main/featured image, but the rest of the images lack something for me, which I can’t put my finger on? Perhaps I was too caught up in the ease of shooting a friend, rather than focusing on really getting results?

Certainly when I look at Binks portfolio and indeed at some of the images I have created with Bink in the past, I don’t think we created anything stronger or better, which is quite frustrating ❓ But on the flip side, I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed a shoot before as much as I did this one? There’s a saying that familiarity breeds contempt, perhaps on this occasion it’s more apt to say that familiarity breeds content? So not the best images ever, but one of the best times?

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