The EFIAP Distinction

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The EFIAP Distinction

The EFIAP Distinction (Excellence FIAP) is the second step on the FIAP distinction ladder, following on from the AFIAP. It is awarded to “photographic artists who, apart from having excellent techniques, have a significant number of their work often been accepted into many international salons under FIAP patronage” and I am delighted to say that I have achieved this award ūüôā The EFIAP requires a photographer to have a pretty substantial body of work and to have been actively submitting that work to salons. Given the pretty substantial requirements for this distinction, it really is no mean feat to achieve it.



Rule 3.2 the candidate for this distinction must:

a) be a holder of an AFIAP distinction. An application for this distinction can be made 1 year after the award of the AFIAP distinction, based on the date of the diploma

I received my AFIAP in February last year ūüôā

b) Have taken part with success in at least 30 different international salons under FIAP patronage in at least 15 different countries; a Circuit has to be considered a single salon

This is a HUGE increase on the AFIAP requirements. Even if a person were to submit to one salon every month, and assuming of course they were successful in each salon, it would take almost 3 years to reach the 30 salon mark. Plus, you also need to be very targeted in the salons you enter, ensuring you submit to ones in different countries, so as to ensure you are accepted in at least 15 countries. For my submission, I actually listed 34 salons across 23 countries. The reason for this is that any shots used for an EFIAP, can never be used for future FIAP distinctions, so as they’re effectively “used”, and as such I listed all the countries and salons they were accepted into, regardless of the fact that the additional acceptances, don’t really count.

I listed the following 34 salons

  1. Smethwick    2007/109
  2. Southampton    2008/001
  3. Aqueducte    2008/012
  4. Concurso    2008/086
  5. Trierenberg  2008/038-041
  6. Trofeo    2008/119
  7. Mondial    2010/061
  8. Vigex    2010/003
  9. Malta 5th International    2010/075
  10. Foto Grupo    2010/080
  11. 2nd CPNO International    2010/108
  12. 2nd Cape International Circuit     2010/013-015
  13. Tallaght    2010/70
  14. Photomedia 2010    2010/383
  15. Swansea    2010/148
  16. Finland Circuit     2010/121-124
  17. Zajecar    2010/158
  18. Exposed    2010/155
  19. Welsh International    2010/162
  20. Arizona    2011/011
  21. Maitland    2011/001
  22. Reideshiem    2011/020
  23. Reflet Mondial    2011/003
  24. Photoclub 202 РPortrait    2011/021
  25. Photoclub Bor    2011/049
  26. GBSPC    2011/012-015
  27. Gran Tour Delle Colline    2011/024-027
  28. Bristol Salon    2011/007
  29. Trierenberg     2011/32-35
  30. Artic Exhibition    2011/009
  31. Grand Digital Circuit     2011/076-079
  32. German Photocup     2011/057-059
  33. Photovacation    2011/096
  34. Cacak    2011/093

This gave me acceptances in

  1. England
  2. Spain
  3. Austria
  4. Ireland
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Australia
  7. Malta
  8. Argentina
  9. China
  10. South Africa
  11. Macedonia
  12. Wales
  13. Finland
  14. Serbia
  15. Slovenia
  16. USA
  17. France
  18. Belgium
  19. Italy
  20. Norway
  21. India
  22. Germany
  23. Bulgaria

c) Have obtained at least 150 acceptances with at least 50 different works in international salons under FIAP Patronage

Another huge jump in the requirements from the AFIAP ūüėĮ To reach this target, I was again quite strategic in that I rarely entered the same image into more than one salon. Once it had gained an acceptance, I filed it away and moved on to the next image and the next salon. There were of course exceptions to this rule, but by and large this is how I approached my submissions. In the end I listed 50 different works totalling 160 acceptances. The images below are the 50 different images which made up my EFIAP distinction. For a detailed break down of the acceptances that each image received and where, you can check out my EFIAP gallery.

Rule 3.3 b) The candidate must

submit not less than 5 and not more than 10 photographic works of the candidate (black and white prints, colour prints or a mixture). All the submitted works must have obtained FIAP recognised acceptances

I submitted the following prints:

The Full Detailed Gallery

If you are so inclined, you can see the gallery containing all 50 images as well as the details of each of the acceptances they received, over in my distinctions gallery.

The Slate Is Now Wiped Clean

Where as the AFIAP and EFIAP can share images (i.e. the same image or images can be used for both distinctions), the slate is now wiped clean. These images can never be used in any future FIAP distinction process – they’re effectively “used up”. So it’s onwards and upwards from here, on towards the EFIAP Bronze and the rest of the EFIAP levels.



  1. Congratulations again Ciaran – a huge step ! While the slate is wiped clean this only relates to acceptances prior to the awarding of the EFIAP. You can enter images previously accepted / awarded and continue to accumulate acceptances / awards – the acceptances prior to the awarding of your EFIAP are the only thing “wiped”

  2. Yeah I know that Brian.. but it is such a waste to ave won all those awards and have them effectively count for nothing. I feel a blog coming on…..

  3. It’s a bit of a bummer alright. You’re known far-and-wide with all the awards you have amassed – that cannot be taken away from you. I’m certain that your success will not stop here – the awards required should be an easy task for you – remember to list ALL the UPI medals !!!!

  4. Congrats. I just found out today that due to so many requests for AFIAP and EFIAP they’ll raise the limit for EFIAP to 20 different countries (now 15) and 250 acceptances (now 150). I’m not sure what this means for other titles (like /b or /s and so on), but it seems like a quite big leap to me. The new rules are valid from January 2013.

  5. Congratulations Ciaran ūüôā

  6. Colette from Clondalkin Camera Club and Dublin Camera Clun. Congratulations Ciaran, you produce breathtaking photography, and when you visited our club recently you gave us a wonderful night.


  7. Many congrats Ciaran, its a great achievement.
    Submitted my AFIAP application this years so keeping my figures crossed till June

  8. That’s quite interesting Klemen.

    To be honest, I didn’t find acceptances themselves the limiting factor. After all, if you enter into a circuit you can easily pick up 40, 50, 60 acceptances in a single go. It was the 50 image limit that was the challenge (for me). I guess if they are increasing the AFIAP and EFIAP then the levels will also change? I guess I’ll have to start plugging away again so.

    Thanks Colette, much appreciated ūüôā

    Best of luck with the AFIAP Richard. To be honest though, once the work has been put in, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be successful

  9. Circuit counts (at lease over here) as a regular (single) salon, so one photo can only get one acceptance (although in reality it usually gets more than one, as you’ve said).

  10. No, a circuit counts as a single salon in terms of the salon counter.

    But an image accepted in each of the salons in a circuit, counts as a separate acceptance in each

  11. Well done and well deserved Ciaran.
    Great selection of images. Including the self-portrait ūüėČ

    A tactic I used when entering a new country was to enter some banker images that have a pretty much 100% acceptance rate, so that at least if my new images bombed then I got at least 1 acceptance and could tick that country off.

  12. Great job Ciaran, Well done.

    I’m very impressed at how you set your mind to this, and then worked your way through it. And progressed along the way. Credit where credit is due – you nailed it!


  13. Congrats to this great collection of works for your FIAP title. I hope I will see a lot more during the next years for the EFIAP steps… ūüôā

  14. Cheers everyone ūüôā

    Thanks Reinhard

  15. Hallo Ciaran,

    Well done! I received mine as well last february, but I don’t get that many prizes.I really admire your work.
    You deserved your Efiap.

    See you around
    Bart Zandbergen
    The Netherlands

  16. I’ve been lucky with the awards so far Bart.. touch wood the roll will continue for a little while longer.


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