Spring, with Jen Somerfield

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Spring, with Jen Somerfield

We’ve had some pretty unseasonable weather here in Ireland over the last few weeks, with Spring actually strongly resembling what Spring should be like. Who’d have guessed ❓ So it seemed a pity not to avail of the weather and the light whilst we had it and with this in mind, when UK model Jen Somerfield came to shoot with me , we decided to head outside for the shoot.

Considering how badly I got my ass kicked the last time I shot outdoors, this time round I opted to find some open shade, to help both break up the light and give it some direction. So we went along to the Phoenix Park, a large urban park, not too far from my home.



We shot two sets there, one using flash (both as fill and as a main light source) and this one, which was shot entirely using ambient light. By far I prefer this set 🙂

But to be honest, we were lucky with the light. It broke like this for us, for no more than 5 minutes and it was just luck that we were in place and able to make the most of it when it appeared.

The trees provided shelter from the harsh light, but also allowed enough light through to give the dappled look. I had the camera in machine gun mode (as per usual), had it in spot metering and used Jen’s white dress as the reference point.

Ok, so some of the specular highlights are a bit blown, but who cares? Trying to retain all the details would either have meant under exposing the parts I really cared about (her face) or using flash to reduce contrast. So I threw caution to the wind and just clicked away.

Processing wise, this is toned the image using the techniques I outlined in my dreamy look blog. Jen (whom I worked with before) was the perfect model for this kind of shoot.. she just fell into the whispy feel that I was looking for and it was nice to be able work with her on a one to one basis, away from a workshop situation.

We also shot some more back in my house in the afternoon as well as shooting some polaroids, which no doubt will feature in the blog at a later date.




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